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TOKYO LIVING - Japan Real Estate Terms

01. Rent - Chinryo

In general rent is paid in advance on a monthly basis. When moving into a new apartment you are in most cases required to pay for the first two months worth of Rent. Please confirm the payment dates and method before signing the Lease Contract.

02. Guarantor - Hoshonin

A guarantor is an individual who agrees to pay someone elsefs Rent when the Lessee is unable or unwilling to do so. The guarantor must satisfy certain requirements to qualify (currently residing in Japan and financial stability). Those who are unable to find a Guarantor, have the option of using a Guarantor Service. The fee is usually equivalent to one month rent for the first year and 10,000 JPY every year thereafter. Please contact us for more details.

03. Deposit - Shikikin

Most apartments in Tokyo require a Deposit that may vary from one month rent to as much as six months worth of rent. On paper the Deposit is refundable, however, in most cases a portion of the Deposit is deducted to pay for restoration of the apartment when you leave.

04. Key Money - Reikin

This is sometimes referred to as "Thank you money". This payment is non refundable. TOKYO LIVING offers many properties with No Key Money.

05. Agent Fee

This Agent Fee is a payment to the real estate agent for the service of introducing apartments, taking care of paper work and applying for utility services. One month rent + Tax is the standard rate.

06. Management Fee

A monthly fee paid directly to the owner for maintenance of the building, garbage disposal costs etc.