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01. Are the apartments listed on the website the only ones you can introduce?

No. The apartments listed are only a sample of the apartments we can offer.
If you do not find anything that you are looking for, please call us at +81-(3)-4455-7594 or Contact Us via the web.
You can also fill out the Detailed Request Form.

02. How much should I spend on my monthly Rent?

As a rule of thumb, the Rent should not exceed 1/3 of your monthly income. This rule may not apply when your lease is a Corporate Contract, and your company covers your Rent.

03. How long is the lease contract?

Most lease contracts are valid up to two years. Please confirm with the leasing consultant before signing the lease.

04. Can I terminate my lease contract before it expires?

If you wish to terminate your contract before it expires, you will be required to give the owner or real estate manager a notice in advance. Notices in document form are required from one to two months in advance depending on the contract. You will be required to pay the rent if a notice is not submitted on time. Please confirm with the leasing consultant before signing the lease.

05. Can I renew the lease contract?

Contracts can usually be renewed, but will usually require a Contract Renewal Fee and a Service Charge. However, in some cases the lease will be fixed and cannot be renewed. Contract Renewal differs from property to property. Please confirm with the leasing consultant before signing the lease.

06. Can I visit an apartment today?

We would be more than happy to take you to the apartment of your choice! Please understand that our Office Hours are Monday ~ Saturday 09:30 ~ 18:30 and we will also have to make arrangements with the Owner and/or Real Estate Manager.

07. Is it possible to see an apartment before the current tenant moves out?

In most cases this is difficult, unless the owner intends to sub-lease his/her own apartment.

08. How long does the process take from Application to Move-in?

Please be prepared to wait at least two weeks before you can move into your new apartment. Once the Application is submitted, the owner will start the screening process. The move-in date can then be arranged after the application is approved.

09. How long does the Screening Process take?

It depends from case to case, but the screening process generally takes about 7 business days. Please note that the screening process will only begin once all the required documents are complete.

10. Is it possible to apply before viewing the apartment?

Although it is possible we suggest that you visit the property before you sign the lease contract, since a penalty fee is required to cancel it.

11. Can I apply for a room that already has an applicant?

Rental Applications can be submitted, but the applicant(s) preceding you will have priority. When more than one application is submitted, the first qualified applicant will be entitled for the apartment. We recommend searching for an alternative application process to finish.

12. Is it necessary for me to have a guarantor in order to sign up?

Yes, in most cases a guarantor is required. A guarantor must be a person who resides in Japan and satisfies the requirements as a guarantor. In the case you do not have a guarantor, there are Guarantor Serviced Companies that can act as your guarantor. The fees are usually 50% of the monthly rent for the first year and 10,000 yen annually there after.

In the case of a corporate contract, a representative of your company may act as your guarantor. Please contact us for further information.

13. What if I do not have a guarantor and do not want to hire a Guarantor Service?

If your intended stay in Japan is less than a year, we recommend staying in a short stay serviced or furnished apartment. We can also offer you a large variety of fully furnished apartments in Central Tokyo. Please feel free to contact us.

14. Do I need to pay the monthly rent in advance?

Yes, the monthly rent is required in advance. The accepted payment methods and the due date will depend on the contract. Please confirm with the leasing consultant before signing the lease.

15. Are rental apartments furnished?

Most rental apartments are Unfurnished. The newer apartments, however, are fitted with washer / dryers and dishwashers. Furniture Rental and Furnished Apartments are also available.

16. Can I keep pets in my apartment?

Many properties throughout Tokyo offer Pet Friendly Apartments. A Deposit will usually be required to keep a pet. If you have a pet or intend to have one, please inform us before viewing the apartments.

17. How do you set up utilities such as gas, water, and electricity?

Once the move-in date is decided, the Lessee can set up the utilities. If you require help during these procedures, we will be more than pleased to assist you. Please note that the Lessee will be required to be there, in person, when the gas is turned on.

18. I have more questions I would like to ask.

Please call us at +81-(3)-4455-7594 or Contact Us via the web.